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8-week-old Black Star pullets from Hoovers Hatchery. ($10.00 ea.) or get 5 pullets for $45.00. This is the best deal, I have about 10 of these pullets left, all other breeds I only have two or three left.
The Black Star breed will lay large brown eggs at 18 to 22 weeks old. They're great layers, laying five to six eggs a week.

11-week-old Black Star pullets from Hoovers Hatchery ($12.00 each).

9-week-old Golden Comet pullets, ($10.00 each). They will lay 5 to 6 large brown eggs a week. They start laying at 18 to 22 weeks.

5-week-old Crested Cream Legbar pullets, ($15.00 each). They lay blue eggs.

5-week-old Olive egger pullets, ($15.00 each). Sex-linked hybrid, French Black Copper Marans roo x Crested Cream Legbar hen. They lay dark green eggs.

13-week-old White Leghorn and ISA Brown pullets $25.00 ea. Both breeds start laying at 16 weeks. They will start to lay in June. White Leghorns lay large white eggs and ISA Brown lay large brown eggs and both breeds lay 6 to 7 eggs a week.

I like to raise chickens that produce a lot of eggs and White Leghorn and ISA Brown are the best egg layers followed by Golden Comet and Black Star. The Olive Eggers, Marans and Legbars don't lay as many eggs every week but having a few does add a variety of color. Pullets are raised all natural and no chemicals or antibiotics are used. Diatomaceous earth is used to control internal/external parasites.

Buying chickens this way means you won't get roosters and they're mature enough that they don't need a brooder. And you don't have to wait long before they start laying eggs. Price is based on breed type and age. As the pullets get older the price increases.

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