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$15.00 12-week-old Golden Comet
$25.00 13-week-old Barred Plymouth Rock.
$20.00 13-week-old Black Star
$25.00 15-week-old Black Star
$30.00 17-week-old White Leghorn. (The Leghorns started laying this week).
I'll have some White Leghorns out of the brooder and ready for the coop July 1st for $10.00 ea.

Black Star.
They're known as a dual-purpose hybrid that will lay large brown eggs at 18 to 22 weeks old. They're super layers, laying five to six eggs a week or 260 to 310 eggs per year. They're very friendly and docile. They're always the first one to greet you, giving them the nickname "dogs with feathers". The Black Stars combination of temperment, egg size, egg quantity and their iridescent green feathers makes it one of my favorites.

Golden Comet.
The Golden Comet is a duplicate of the Black Star in everything except its color and its smaller size. They're a very friendly and docile hybrid and super layers. They will lay 5 to 6 large brown eggs a week or 260 to 310 eggs per year. They start laying at 18 to 22 weeks.

Barred Plymouth Rock.
Known as one of America's oldest and favorite breeds they are a dual-purpose hen and outstanding layers that lays 4 to 5 large brown eggs a week or 200 to 260 eggs per year. They are docile and friendly and start laying at 16 to 20 weeks.

White Leghorn pullets.
They start to lay at 16 to 18-weeks-old. They're a small hen and they never go broody. They're an egg laying machine and will lay 6 to 7 large white eggs a week or more than 300 eggs per year. They are a docile breed but a little bit aloof. I enjoy having a variety of hens but, if I could have only one breed for laying eggs it would be the White Leghorn.

Currently not available
French Blue Copper Marans.
Outstanding layers they lay 4 to 5 large dark brown eggs a week or 200 to 260 eggs per year. They are a docile friendly breed and start laying at 18 to 24 weeks. They are a dual-purpose breed.

Currently not available
Buff Orpington.
One of America's all-time popular breeds. They're a dual-purpose breed that make a great meat bird with males weighing 10 lbs. at 20 to 22 weeks. The hens are outstanding layers that lays 4 to 5 large cream colored eggs a week or 200 to 280 eggs per year. They start laying at a wide range from 20 to 28 weeks. They do go broody and the hens make great mothers.

I like to raise purebred and hybrid chickens that are docile and produce a lot of large to extra large eggs year around. White Leghorns and ISA Browns are super layers that lay 250 plus eggs per year. A close second in the super egg layers category are the Golden Comet and Black Star. The Olive Eggers, Marans and Legbars add a variety of color. They don't lay as many eggs every week as the super layers but, are still considered outstanding layers of 200 plus eggs per year.
There are no barnyard mixes. Barnyard mixes or "mutts" never lay as well as purebred or hybrids.

Pullets are raised all naturally and no chemicals or antibiotics are used. Diatomaceous earth is used to control internal/external parasites.

Buying chickens this way means you won't get roosters and they're mature enough that they don't need a brooder. Plus, you don't have to wait long before they start laying eggs. Price is based on breed type and age. As the pullets get older the price increases.
All photos are of my chickens.

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