Rabbit Manure; fertilizer - $5 (Ralls)

condition: new
For Sale: Manure has been stored in a compost pile. Consists of rabbit manure, wood shavings, and hay. $5 / 5 gallon bucket of rabbit manure. OR if desired we can load it straight from the rabbit drop pans. Perfect time to get your garden fertilized! Call for more details.

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Here is an article concerning benefits of rabbit manure:
Bunny Gold or rabbit manure is the king of fertilizers. It is nitrogen on steroids.
There's just no manure that works as well for the garden as rabbit manure. It contains more nitrogen and phosphorus than many other manures and more potash than most. It has all the uber-benefits of horse and steer manure but with a distinct advantage.

Because it's considered a "cold" manure, you don't have to let rabbit poop age or compost before you use it. Other manures that come from chickens, sheep, horse, cows, and pigs or "hot" manures, need to be composted for months before you can safely use them.

Even when applied fresh, rabbit manure will not burn plants. Gardens with rabbit fertilizer consistently applied most often yield much better results! Because of this, gardeners may be willing to pay for manure or composed manure for a higher cost. Because of the complimentary nature, many rabbit raisers also raise earthworms (or Red Wigglers).

In the Master Gardener circle, over and over you will hear gardens powered by rabbits are the very best gardens. Rabbit manure is referred to as the super fertilizer, Bunny Gold, Bunny B B's, garden gold, garden nuggets and many other great names.

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