$24,000 / 3br - Subto Opportunity Lubbock Tx (Lubbock)

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3BR / 2Ba available now
Property Details:

Lubbock, TX
Beds/Baths: 3 beds, 2 baths
Size: 2198 sqft
Year Built: 1959
Asking Price: $255,235 (Including Loan balance and cash to seller) (Approximate)

Property Features:

Interest Rate: 5.99%
Loan Balance: $246,235
PITI: $2,171.57
Principal: $255.59
Interest: $1219.14
Escrow Taxes: $398.37
Escrow Insurance: $188.17
Escrow Mortgage Insurance: $110.30
Balloon Language: Must refinance once rates drop at least 0.01% under current 5.99% rate.

Entry Fee Breakdown: $24,000

$9,000 to Seller
$7,000 to Agent
$8,000 Wholesale Fee

The home includes an extra-large living area, perfect for attracting tenants or potential buyers looking for a comfortable living
space. Updates such as a beautiful fireplace and skylights in the family room enhance the ambiance and appeal of the property. Additionally, the dining area features a charming chalk painted wall, adding a unique and stylish element to the home's interior.
Outside, the property boasts a large rear yard, providing ample space for a garden, children's play area, or pets, making it highly attractive to potential renters or buyers with families.

This investment offers a secure and profitable opportunity in the Lubbock real estate market. If you're interested in learning
more or discussing this opportunity further, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Benefits of Investing:

Immediate Cash Flow: The property's PITI is covered by the existing mortgage payment, providing immediate positive cash flow.
Profit Potential: With the wrap at 7.5%, you can generate a healthy profit margin on the property.
Low Risk: The balloon language ensures that you can refinance at a lower rate once market conditions are favorable, reducing long-term risk.

Thank you for considering this investment opportunity. I look forward to potentially working together to secure this lucrative
deal. Title Company: Patten Title COE: 06/04/2024 Inspection Period: 05/24/24 EMD: $500


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